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ENGINES ONLY was started in 1990 By Frank Nye who was prodded by fellow dirt track riders to make quality big bore kit for the then standard training bike the Honda XR100.

Our first three motor kits went to Bubba Shobert, Wayne Rainey and Kenny Roberts. While we still sell most of our parts and motor services to the professional racing community, our products are designed for use on regular pump gas and are meant to be reliable, long lasting and stand up to the abuse of training, trail riding or racing. Our motor components make great torque and have a wide usable powerband. All of our products are parts that we have personally ridden and tested for many hours so you can trust them to perform for you.

ENGINES ONLY continues to develop, test and provide quality products to the minibike community for Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki motorcycles. We intend to bring new and innovative products to production as the industry evolves and expands with future four stroke minibikes.


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