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  Big Bore kits
Carburetor and Intake kits
Headwork and Cam parts
Suspension Exhaust
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CRF230F and CRF230L Ultimate Big Bore Kit

23025 BBK $599.95
 CRF 230F "L" and "M" to  250cc Big Bore Kit  Actual size 247.54cc.
Increase your CRF230 to 250cc with ENGINES ONLY Big bore kit. Add horsepower for a 25% increase in power. Runs on  pump gas, 91 octane / 11.5:1 compression ratio / Kit includes cylinder resleeved (exchange), 69mm high compression piston with rings and clips, all top end gaskets. 
**Requires case machining**
cylinder core charge $250.00


23025 INS $600.00
  Kit Installation
Send us your complete engine (no oil) and we will do a complete teardown, machine your cylinder and cases, do a 3 angle valve job and reassemble your engine, valves adjusted and timing set.
(you add oil, motors shipped dry)
  Lower Gasket Set
Includes.. center gasket /clutch gasket /clutch nut /filter gasket /counter seal /shift seal /pulse gasket /ignition gasket / valve seals /ex gasket   
23025 GSK $79.95
  Case Machining
Machine CRF230F cases for 250cc kit (cases only).
23025 CMG $90.00


OUTLAW  series High pipe with 4" SUPERTRAP
 This is simply the best pipe for your CRF230F in MX or offroad setup. SUPERTRAP tunable to meet noise requirements.
Forest Service approved spark arrester.
Now stainless steel construction.
2008 and earlier  F models15005 OHP
"L" model NOW AVAILABLE AND IN STOCK click for photos
15005 OHP $349.95
OUTLAW series Low pipe for flat track, supermoto and road racing applications (Lineaweaver Design).  Now stainless steel construction. 23005 OlP $349.95

Carburetor and Intake kits

23030 CRK $349.95
EO 30mm Carburetor and intake kit for CRF230F
This Keihin round slide works on stock or modified motors.
Kit includes, carburetor, uses original airbox boot, intake manifold and throttle. This is bolt on kit. Pre jetted.
Will not work on L model.
   32mm Mikuni Flat Slide Intake Kit 
For CRF 230 and our 250cc motor kits. Includes Carb. fully jetted, intake manifold, airbox boot or K&N air filter, plus CR throttle and cable.
23030 MFS $499.95
  EO HiFlow air box modification. 23030 ABM $90.00

Head work and cam parts

  Hi-Flow Cylinder head porting includes intake manifold matching for increased airflow. 23030 CHP $250.00
Stage #1 Torque Cam.
Stage #2 All Around Cam increases mid range.
Works well with stock rockers, requires springs only, no additional work. Bolt in.
Stage #3 Dirt Track / TT / Supermoto Type. *
Stage #4 Full Race / Roadracing Type.*
*Requires EO spring kit and EO head modification.
Core charge if you do not send us your Stock cam $90.00
15001 CAM
15002 CAM
15003 CAM
15004 CAM
Valve springs FITS NEW "L"  and "M" MODELS ALSO
Required for our all EO performance camshafts.
Includes high RPM spec intake and exhaust springs.
15034 VSK $99.95
  Stage #3 & #4 Head modification
Required for our stage #3 & #4 camshafts.
Includes seat modification and valve job. 
15034 HDM $250.95
Slotted Cam Sprocket FITS NEW "L" "M" MODELS ALSO
Allows your cam to be degreed  perfectly.
Sprocket ONLY.
15023 SCS $44.95


CRF150 and CRF230 Fork kit
 This is the complete kit for your front end upgrade. Adding stiff springs to your stock forks is not the same as an ENGINES ONLY CR85 fork conversion kit.
 We take brand new Showa forks, these are revalved and resprung to your weight and riding style at the highly respected Hlebo Bros. Suspension Shop, we include a brake adapter plate so you can use your CRF caliper instead of the single piston CR85 caliper, steering stop plate, long brake hose, CR85 fender and screws (your CRF fender will bottom on your tire), CR85 number plate, fork guards and screws, axle with nut and spacers along with modified CR85 triple clamps, bearings and bolts.
 This is the only kit that is complete and ready to bolt on. This is not a buy your fork tubes on E-Bay and spend the next six weeks looking for parts to put you bike together. This is complete and ready to ride kit and includes professional suspension shop tuning for you.
 Yes you can install this kit after dinner one night and ride the next morning.

15085 FEK N/A at this time.
  Works Shock
FOX PODIUM X with remote reservior.
Does not fit CRF230"L"  
15085 WRK $599.95


  Shift Lever
1" longer folding shift lever for crf 230 all years.
15023 FSL $39.95